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Ansaldo STS’ switches and signals

Ansaldo STS’ switches and signals


Ansaldo STS’ signal products provide industrial performance for railroad and transit systems everywhere in the world. From complete wayside signal assemblies to signal components that retrofit to your existing system, our products offer longer service life and unsurpassed standards in reliability.

Among the many features of the Ansaldo STS LED Colorlight Signal, Led technology extends wayside signal life well beyond that of the incandescent design and requires less power to operate. Other LED signal modules are designed to perform like incandescent signals to enable operation from conventional lamp driver circuits.

In contrast, our signal operates from an external constant current source and allows for much more accurate monitoring of LED unit operation.

Used in concert with MicroLok® II LED12 lamp driver board or MicroLok® II Object Controller, high precision “lamp”- out detection as well as routine hot/cold “filament” checking is provided. The LED signal can also be applied in failover-to-red configuration to ensure display of a red aspect in the vent of a signaling unit shut down.


Ansaldo STS stocks a complete line of incandescent lamps, including quartz-iodine, for railroad and transit signal lights. These lamps are built to exacting specifications and help yield maximum performance from signal unit optical systems. A wide variety of filament, base and bulb configurations are available to satisfy most signal requirements.

Switch Machines

Ansaldo STS manufactures hand operated, pneumatic, and electric switch machines that have a proven record for ruggedness and reliability.

With the introduction of the industry’s first microprocessor-based circuit controller for switch machine, the Electronic Circuit Controller™ in 2001, our switch machines set new standards for efficient operation and maintenance. Today, our rugged, reliable products are in service everywhere in the world.

M-Style Switch Machines

Ansaldo STS’ M-3E and M-23E™ achieve a new level of efficiency in point machine operation.

Featuring the revolutionary US&S ECC™ Electronic Circuit Controller, the M-3 and M-23 are designed to reduce the installation, maintenance and adjustment time, as well as provide advanced diagnostics for switch status and circuit health.

An auxiliary point detection system can monitor the switch point and provides an indication when 1/8” of the switch point adjustment has been lost for advance notice of creep.

Classification and Storage Yards Switch Machines

Ansaldo STS’ YM-2000 electric yard switch machine is a simple low profile machine that can be trailed at yard speeds up to 20 mph.

The YM-2000 is powered by 110 or 230 VAC and can complete its stroke in 2 seconds.

The compact size allows the machine to be mounted between the ties close to the track and is available in either right hand or left hand layout models.

Hand-Operated Switch Machines

The T20 without target and the T21 with target hand switch machines each comes in a rugged iron cast case with a lockable cover and internal circuit controller for point indication.

The unique crank mechanism is designed so the driving system itself locks the switch in either position.

The T20/T21 comes in either left or right hand layouts but can be easily converted to the opposite layout in the field.

T 72 Point Machine

Point Machine T 72 ensures movement and locking of switch points.

When the system receives a point movement order, the electric motor is energized and drives a step-down gear with a built-in torque limiter, the last pinion of which has an eccentric roller. This roller drives a fork-shaped cam which is connected to the points driving rod. The points are first unlocked, then moved and locked in the opposite position.

Left and right motor control as well as end-of-throw proving are ensured through a cam-controlled contact switch.

Locking of the motor is considered as sufficient as long as train speed does not exceed 40 kph. At higher speeds, each blade must be equipped with a separate clamp lock, such as a “ carter-coussinet” clamp lock.

The T 72 point machine is approved by the SNCF.


These point machines are currently used for safe train running on a number of railway networks in the world and in particular in Algeria, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Venezuela, Mexico, Egypt, Chile, Tunisia, Brazil.
Тип файла: pdf 10 Electro-Pneumatic Switch Machine.pdf (138.2 Кб, 291 просмотров)
Тип файла: pdf DA-10 Yard Electro-Pneumatic Switch Machine.pdf (137.1 Кб, 164 просмотров)
Тип файла: pdf SL-6A Switch Lock.pdf (104.7 Кб, 547 просмотров)
Тип файла: pdf SL-21A Switch Lock.pdf (139.4 Кб, 301 просмотров)
Тип файла: pdf SL-25 Switch Lock.pdf (136.9 Кб, 334 просмотров)
Тип файла: pdf T-20 and T-21 Hand-Operated Switch Machines.pdf (183.4 Кб, 422 просмотров)
Тип файла: pdf U-5 Circuit Controller.pdf (154.9 Кб, 561 просмотров)
Тип файла: pdf YM-2000 Yard Electric Switch Machine.pdf (137.1 Кб, 466 просмотров)

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